Remote Assistance

When you can’t wait for a call out or we can see a way to assist you sooner through reaching out to your PC and getting the job done remotely, our remote support option can be initiated.

All you need is a reasonably fast and steady internet connection (ADSL or Cable is preferred). Simply download the TeamViewer Remote assistance software and within a couple of clicks we can service your computer as if we were right in front of it at your place. The software package is 100% friendly with all security and firewall packages and no installation is required!

We use the most secure and non persistent means to access your Computer network, and when we’re done there is no way we can access your system again without you inviting us along.

Remote support option is available to all existing I Need Support business clients and can be arranged for on a casual basis by submitting a request on the ‘Book A Job’ page.

  • Fastest response
  • Security Patch Updates
  • Anti virus Cross Checks
  • Hardware Failure and Security Monitoring


  • Step 1: Click the the download image listed above to download the remote support program. After you click the download button the window below will appear. Click on “Run” which will be displayed at the bottom of Internet Explorer.
  • Step 3: A disclaimer will be displayed. Please read and either select Accept or Decline.
  • Step 4: Now the I Need Support Remote Quick Support program window will appear. Please advise the support technician of Your ID just like the example listed in the window below.


You are able to see all actions performed by the I Need Support technician in real time during your remote support session. Please do not move the mouse or touch the keyboard during your remote support session as this will affect the technicians mouse cursor also.

Once the I Need Support technician has fixed the problems he/she will end the remote support session and the remote support program will automatically remove itself from your computer. There is no manual uninstall necessary.
(Optional): If for any reason you would like to end the remote session, at any time during remote support simply close the program off. This will disconnect the I Need Support technician from your computer and automatically remove the remote support program.