Terms and Conditions

I NEED SUPPORT – Service Payment Terms and Release of Liability applicable to Work Order Agreement

This document is made to inform you, as a User that the purchase of services from I Need Support is governed by the Terms and Conditions herein contained without exceptions and limitations. Please read these pages carefully and don’t hesitate to ask your service technician if you are unsure about anything.

I Need Support is dedicated to providing the highest quality in onsite and online computer repairs and IT support to all persons and entities, however I Need Support reserves the right to reject service to anyone at any time depending on the circumstances. In order for I Need Support and its technicians to provide you with most effective solution to your problem, you are required to inform our technicians of any known damage and problems to your computer and system, if you fail to do so I Need Support and our technicians will not be responsible.

References to “we”, “us”, “our” in the Terms are references to I Need Support and its related companies, its employees, contractors or agents.

References to “you”, “the CLIENT”, in the Terms are references to the individual or entity receiving services from I Need Support, its related companies, its employees, contractors or agents. References to “technicians” refer to I Need Support employed technicians.

Are you a residential or corporate user?

Residential User

A Home or Residential User is a person who uses their computer at home for personal and recreational use. This means that you do not store any work or business related files on your computer. If you do have one or two work or business related files on your computer, you acknowledge that we do not take any responsibility for any consequential loss of data, including business related files, which may occur out of damage or destruction of those files during any repairs service we render.

Corporate User

A Corporate User is a person, or entity, that makes use of their computer primarily for business and commercial related activities.
What you should know before requesting our services:
Computers, despite being high-precision machines, are complicated and as with anything complicated, things can always go wrong. No matter how much care our technicians take when they are fixing your computer, there is always a chance that unforeseen events may occur resulting in the loss of information (data) or damage to hardware. This is especially true if your computer is in a precarious state to begin with.
I Need Support will not do any work without your consent, if our technicians find anything else wrong with your system besides what you mentioned; you will be notified with an estimate. If you agree to proceed with the work will be done at regular rates.

Essentially, there are two types of problems with computers:
1. Those that originate as a result of faulty hardware; and
2. Those that originate as a result of a software problem

Response Time

A response to a support phone call will be provided within 2 hours acknowledging the call and advising of further action. Actual response in most cases is same day when possible, however this is based upon the urgency of the problem at the time and an appropriate course of action agreed to between I Need Support and the CLIENT at the time the call is placed.


Problems originating from faults within the physical structure of a computer are usually more serious than those created by software errors. If something has gone wrong with your computer’s hardware, then the defective part will most likely need to be replaced. If the defective part contains data (such as a Hard Drive, CD, USB Storage or Floppy Disk), then there is a high probability that this data has been lost and cannot be recovered (in certain cases, where it may be possible to recover our data, and you would like us to try and save it, we may need to take your computer back to our base in order to try and retrieve it). Please remember though that hardware faults (especially hard drive faults) are potentially the most dangerous to your data and our technicians make no guarantee that we will be able to recover your lost data.

Hardware Warranty

In the event of required replacement of defective and faulty hardware, I Need Support may resell the necessary equipment on behalf of third parties. If problems arise with purchased equipment, warranty is via original manufacturers only, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.


If your problem has arisen as a result of software errors I Need Support recommends that you perform a backup of all your important data before any remedial work is attempted. As with hardware, in some cases it is possible that data has been corrupted to the extent that it has been lost. Software errors are usually only a concern for our technicians if important system data has been affected (eg. Files that Windows needs in order to operate properly). Due to the complexity of software development, most software applications are incompatibility and error prone as a result of software programming intricacies, therefore we do not guarantee the correct and error-free functioning of all software products on all computers, and you the CLIENT acknowledge that errors resulting from software are not responsibility of I Need Support. I Need Support will recommend viable and effecting alternatives to your software where possible, and it is the CLIENT’s choice whether or not to implement such solution, and the CLIENT acknowledges, whatever their decision may be, that I Need Support have met our commitment to you.

In some cases however, a fresh start (an event called a “format”) is needed in order for us to provide you with a stable, optimally functioning and working computer. If a format is required, then I Need Support will need you to supply them with the installation discs for your operating system (eg. Microsoft Windows 7) along with the legitmate product key(s) for this software.

In addition, if there is any other software or devices that you would like our technicians to install in the event of a format, then you will need to provide us with the installation and product registration keys. I Need Support can only use original purchased software and/or registration keys.

Onsite Services

We deliver timely, resolute and quality IT support and computer repairs services to your location within the Gold Coast area. In order to provide our services to you, I Need Support will require access to locations, files and passwords, and peripherals. If you do not provide access and availability to these, we will be unable to provide our services.
Upon conclusion of our service, and once your problem has been successfully resolved you, will be required to sign off the completion of work rendered by I Need Support and its technicians, whereby you state that you are satisfied to the fullest of our services and that our commitment to you has been met.

Online Services

I Need Support offers Online and Remote services to its CLIENTs, which, specifically, entails that a technician will provide computer repairs services and IT support via remote computing. Our technicians cannot gain access to your computer unless they expressly receive your, the CLIENT’s, permission and authorization to do so. By downloading, and executing, the remote access client, software that will allow access to your system to our technician, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this document detailed, and acknowledge that you have granted full permission to our technician to access you computer.
During Online and Remote services you will be required to be stationed at your computer in order to: provide our technician with information to any queries they may have in order to guarantee the best possible service to you; and, provide our technician with assistance in minor tasks which may require, for example, computer reboot, inserting CD/DVD in CD/DVD player, etc. If you are not stationed at your computer, and our technician is unable to proceed as a result, you will be charged for the time our technician is idle.

No Fix No Fee

We guarantee our services 100% and we ensure our CLIENT is satisfied with our No fix, No fee Guarantee, whereby we ensure that if we cannot repair or find a solution to your problem you will not be required to pay. Once our services have been completed you will be asked to sign a Work Order form where you declare that, we I Need Support have met our commitment to you in finding a solution to your problem and you are satisfied with our services. Some problems may require the installation, upgrade or replacement of software and/or hardware in order to be solved. It is the decision and choice of the user whether or not to proceed with the installation, upgrade or replacement of software and/or hardware. If you decide at your discretion to not proceed with the installation, upgrade or replacement of software and/or hardware then you agree and acknowledge that we have found a solution to your problem, fulfilling our duty and obligations to you the CLIENT, and cannot complete our work as a result of your decision.

Service Warranty

For Online and onsite, we warrant our “service” for a period of 24 hours which does not include any software issues created and/or caused by the “end user”, virus, spyware, tampering with the settings etc.  We will address and repair the problem at no additional charge if: you inform us of a problem resulting from our services within the warranty timeframe; and, we determine through analysis of the problem that our services were rendered unsatisfactorily. I Need Support cannot, and will not, guarantee that we will find a solution to, and be able to repair, all problems that occur and that may be diagnosed. We absolutely do not cover any misuse, tampering, abuse, fire, theft, accidental damage, surges, spikes, brownouts, software issues created by the end user, software design and functionality problems, virus, spyware etc. This applies to all our services.

Data Backup

I Need Support will make every reasonable effort to protect your data. However, it is possible that data can be lost due to factors beyond our control. You, the CLIENT, are responsible for backing up your data to media (USB Storage, CD/DVD, Tape, External USB drive) etc. We may back up your data for you at your request, if your system has the necessary components to do so onsite, with your own equipment, or by other means at our headquarters. I Need Support will not be held responsible in any way for lost data, or any loss of revenue or income resulting from such loss. The CLIENT understands that ALL DATA WILL BE LOST if we have to format your hard drive, including any applications that are not included with your version of Windows, that you do not have legal CD’s and licenses for. You also understand that during the course of service data (personal and business files) can become corrupt, unusable, in such case you will not hold I Need Support responsible. Data backup, ghosting, drive imaging, drive copying, data transfer depends on the condition of your disk and data integrity.


I Need Supprt agrees to keep confidential and not disclose any information which it may learn or come into contact with in the course of carrying out any support for the Customer which may include intellectual property, security or general business unless otherwise required to by law.

Payment Terms

All invoices are due by the invoice due date, with no exception.

All labour services will be invoiced monthly, net 7 days.

An interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be applied to all overdue invoices.

Any account remaining outstanding after 30 days from the due date will be passed to a debt collector for debt retrieval & will immediately incur a 22% bad debt processing fee.

A call out fee of $22inc. GST will apply if outside of zones listed on front page of I Need Support

All charges incurred whilst chasing the overdue account will be at the account holder’s expense.

Payments not rendered on time may be subject to interest of up to 10% of the total due amount.

^These terms and conditions are subject to amendments.
Payment Terms and Release of Liability Form, are kept on file at the offices of I Need Support in Burleigh Heads, QLD.